If  that happens, that I become brittle and week
and pain disturb my sleep,
so you do what must be done
since the last trip, no one has inhibitory.

Thou shalt sad - I understand.
Do not let your sorrow stop you,
because on this day, I need you more than ever before,
your love and friendship will be weighed.

Future should not morn.
You do not want me to suffer,
when the time comes, let me go.

Take me to the places where they are helping me,
but stay with me until the end.
And hold me tight and speak to me until my eyes are closed.

I know that in due time, you do notice,
Its a friendship, which you showing by me.
Altough the tail is the last time block favors,
as pain and suffering I have been spared.

Do not grievethat it must be you who needs to make a decision.
We were so close - we two these years, do not let your heart cry in vain.
------------writer unknown----------------------------

D'Arné Caprice " Cora"
17.11.1998 - 21.3.2012

Cora is our hearfelt persona. The devoted dog has going to be search…Cora is living only for the food and leader. 
Cora has always spirit to work, eventough the past few years has been only the fun. 
If someone dog is perfect, then Cora It Is! 
Thank you, Maimu!!


Cora on perheemme sydämmellinen persoona. Uskollisempaa koiraa saa hakea, 
Cora elää vain ruokaa ja laumanjohtajaa varten :) Coralla on aina intoa työskennellä, 
vaikkakin se on lähivuosina jo iän puolesta ollut enää leikkiesineruutua. 
Jos joku koira on täydellinen-- Cora on sitä!! Sanat eivät riitä kiittämään, Maimu!!

  • DOB 17.11.1998
  • Breeder Maimu Strang
  • Owner Kennel Enyos, Kerava

D'Arné Electra 'Rasca'
17.6.2000 - 21.4.2012

Rasca is our ”kiddie”, this dog going to do everything that mama doesn’t make it deny! 
Rasca going always one hundred speed at the forest even her age is enough veterans. 
She is also our family incorruptible safe keeper. This dog has bring a lot of joy and challenge our lifes.


Rasca on perheemme ikuinen "kakara", kaikkea tehdään mitä mude ei kerkeä kieltämään, 
aina sata lasissa metsälenkeillä vaikka ikä riittä jo veteraaneihin. 
Rasca on myös lahjomaton vartija, pitää aina huolen omistaan! Tämä koira on tuonut paljon iloa sekä haastetta jengiimme.

  • DOB 12.6.2000
  • Breeder Maimu Strang
  • Owner Kennel Enyos, Kerava